Mini Mondays: Better Late Than Never

It may not be Monday, but when life gives you lemons, what day of the week it is is the least of your concerns. All that matters to you at that point is that you make it from point A to point B and through the week to the next weekend without any major debacles. In that vein, here are a few pieces of practical (and not so practical) advice that managed to get me through the past few days (and hopefully will carry me through the rest of the week). Here’s to hoping these can help you through the bad days as well as they helped me!




advice fear




What words or quotes get you through the day?

Happiness is..


What does it mean to be happy? What is happiness? Happiness can be many different things for many different people, but it’s always the little things that really put a smile on your face :) For instance, happiness is:

1) Finally fitting into a pre-pregnancy shirt or dress

2) Not burning the house down when forgetting to turn the stove off because the baby distracted you (allegedly)

3) A cup of tea first thing in the morning

4) My husband picking up a box of chocolate frosted chocolate cupcakes on his way home because he knows those are my favourite

5) Getting to eat a chocolate frosted chocolate cupcake

6) Managing to get through meal time with Baby L without having to change my clothes (or hers) afterwards

7) A bowl of hot soup and your husband’s hoodie on a cold rainy evening


So whats made YOU happy recently?

Mini Mondays: Lost and Now Found


Around this time last week I had a mini existential crisis and decided that change was in order. I seemed to have lost something that I needed to rediscover and my blog was a major part of that process. As journeys of rediscovery go though, this one wasn't as epic or Hollywood-movie-deal worthy as these journeys are generally billed as. I mean I didn't even end up in a strange city eating pasta with exotic new friends or anything!

Long story short though, as you can see above, I have officially changed my blog name and have a brand new About Me page to go with it. Yay for new names and new beginnings! And thank you to all of my lovely readers for your input and feedback!



Aren’t We All?


Wishing everyone a happy and catastrophe-free weekend!


Do You Believe in Magic?

‘What are you reading?’

‘Monstrous Regiment by Terry Pratchett.’

‘Awww, that’s so cute! You read kid’s books?’

*fuming* ‘It is not a kid’s book’

*Laughs indulgently* ‘Of course it is, it’s about vampires and monsters or something right?’

*Counts to 10, chants ‘She’s not worth it, she’s not worth it’ to self*

Yes, the above conversation actually happened and no, I did not kill that person even though I really really wanted to. Sometimes I surprise myself with the level of self-restraint I manage to display.

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Mini Mondays: Existential Crisis Anyone?


Yes, I know, we’ve been here before. I’ve had my quarter life crisis already and it’s definitely too soon for a midlife crisis but what can I say, I’m not exactly the sanest of people out there.

It’s no big news that I’ve been dissatisfied with my blog name for a while now and have toyed with changing it before as well. This time though, I’m actually going to do it because there are times when you need consistency in life but there are also times when change is good for the soul. Not being the most decisive person on the planet though, I’m going to need a little help picking out a new name.

And that is where you come in oh lovely readers of mine! I’ve short listed 5 names and want you to please take the time to vote for the one you like best! New name will be unveiled by the end of the week hopefully :)

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words



Agree or no?

Now I Get It!

Super mom

Where I come from we have a saying 'heaven lies at the feet of your mother'. The implication of course is that if you want to get into heaven in the afterlife, you sure as hell better take care of your mom in this life. 'Don't be rude to your mother' my grandmother would warn us kids, ' if your mother is hurt or angry because of you, even God won't forgive you!' The idea of the vengeful mother who could quite literally damn us to hell held a morbid fascination for us. It was of course meant to scare us into obedience and we on our part would fervently pledge to be the most well behaved children ever (a pledge that would be broken 7 minutes later when we would inevitably break something in a spirited game of lava-lava).

Broken lamp

Honest mom, that's the way it's always been!

We never really thought about those lessons though or wondered about the why of it. Now that I'm a mother and am experiencing first hand the frustrations and sacrifices that the role entails, I finally get it. I understand why the doors to heaven might lie beneath the feet of the mothers or why we would want to teach our children this lesson. Motherhood entails more hard work and sacrifice than is obvious from the outside so it makes sense that of all the people who might be expected to respect or protect the feelings of mothers, their children are the most important. There has to be some justice in the world, right?


Mini Mondays: Dear Past Me


Dear Past Me,

The absence of rock solid abs and perfect legs does not make you fat, trust me on that. Dieting? You’re crazy to think you need it! Stop worrying about your appearance because you’re more attractive then you think you are. Which reminds me, stop fretting about your hair, it is fabulous! Wait till hair products, hair dye, pregnancy and general stress hit you and you’ll understand what I mean about your hair being fabulous! Also, stop using the word ‘fabulous’ so much, it will get old sooner than you will.




What advice would you give to the past you?

To Buy or Not to Buy


Cutting down on expenses is something we all need to do from time to time. Actually managing to do it though? Yeah that's just a little bit more difficult. You may spend hours slaving over a meticulously planned budget with allowances for everything from groceries to emergency shoe-shopping (I'm a shoe-addict, so sue me), but the minute you actually set foot in a store, that lovely budget goes right out the window and you end up spending just a little extra on something completely random that you didn't go there to buy. So you go to pick up some eggs and before you know it you're the proud owner of a pumpkin themed laundry hamper that you probably don't need. It doesn't really matter if you spend an extra $2 or $200, by the end of the month all those extras add up and you end up over budget yet again.


Wait, how much did I spend on chocolate this month?



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