6 Lies I Told Today

1) I don’t need any help, I can manage.

2) Oh she’s an angel always! She never throws tantrums!

3) No I’m not dieting, I’m just not in the mood for pizza tonight.

max brenner hot chocolate
or in the mood for amazingly delicious hot chocolate…

4) Hahaha! That highly sexist joke about stay-at-home moms you just told was SO funny and not at all offensive!

5) I’m definitely going to the gym tomorrow. 

this depressingly empty gym..

6) Oh don’t worry, I don’t mind running after my hyperactive toddler while you guys eat, I wasn’t hungry anyway.


There are maybe a bazillion photographs online of sunsets and rivers and bridges, each more beautiful than the last. That being said, there is definitely something special about a perfect picture of a perfect sunset that you manage to capture yourself.


In response to the weekly photography challenge.

Notes from Lahore: Triumph

Today’s photo 101 challenge was ‘triumph’ and nothing says triumph quite like an 8 story tall flag hanging off an unfinished building. What can I say, people may scream and shout and insist that they hate the place, but there’s no one to beat Pakistani  people when it comes to random acts of patriotism. pakistan flag 

Hidden Treasure, Motherhood and Lies

There’s nothing quite like a freshly made blueberry muffin, if I do say so myself.  blueberry muffin 

In a bid to get my fussy toddler to eat something I’ve taken to hiding fruits and vegetables in the otherwise not-so-healthy sugary stuff she wants to eat 24/7. Hence the innocent looking muffin above stuffed full of fresh blueberries.

What can I say, deviousness and straight faced lies are part and parcel of being a mom. 

How is Lilly dealing with this newly devious mom? Let’s just say my toddler’s idea of hidden treasure isn’t exactly the same as mine..


The Unicorn Advice

Happy Monday everyone!



Impatience Thy Name is Toddler

Life is full of important moments, especially where babies are concerned. Which is why camera phones are a godsend to proud parents everywhere who want to capture said moments in photograph form so that they can annoy all their non-parent friends with an endless stream of ‘cute’ pictures till said friends start to seriously reevaluate their friendship.   

With toddlers though, it’s very difficult to capture such moments on camera due to a toddler’s inbuilt need for incessant movement. Perhaps they think they are like sharks and horrible things will happen to them if they stop moving, who knows.

So here’s to impatient toddlers everywhere and good luck to proud Mommies trying to take a non-blurry picture of those adorable moments.

toddler life 

Travel, Toddlers and Matrimonials

Traveling halfway across the world with an energetic toddler, jet lag induced exhaustion, a death in the family and having to deal with a cranky toddler who refuses to eat anything since arriving in the country are not things that are fun when thrown at you all at once. On the bright side though, Pakistan always manages to throw entertainment at you in unexpected ways, like the classified ad below, so that no matter how bad things get, there is always something absurd around the corner to give you a good laugh.



On International Women’s Day, Clothes and Being Female

Happy International Women’s Day everyone! Here’s to hoping our daughters and grand daughters can grow up in a world where they aren’t judged, labelled or despised based on something they can’t control: their biological gender. Hell I’ll settle for a world where girls aren’t judged solely on the clothes they choose to wear because apparently:

Women clothing judgement
Image courtesy of http://www.pinterest.com

If a girl wears ‘sexy’ clothing = she’s a slut

If a girl wears ‘normal’ clothes = she’s not sexy enough or is boring

If a girl wears conservative clothes = she’s obviously repressed so therefore desperate for it

If a girl wears a hijab/headscarf = she’s oppressed and obviously needs liberating

If a girl wears a burqa = she’s a terrorist

Dear world, please grow up. We are so much more than the clothes on our back.

Solitude is Overrated

The JellyFish:

Today’s Photography 101 prompt was ‘Solitude’ and since I only recently took this shot and wrote this post, I’m reblogging it in response to the prompt :)

Originally posted on Never Trust a Jellyfish:

Solitude is overrated.

Don’t get me wrong, sometimes it’s nice to be alone, to get away from the noise, the stress, the constant stream of demands and complaints, but after about 36 minutes of ‘alone time’, you start feeling the nagging desire to go find someone to share that peace and quiet with.

Do I want to be alone from time to time? Sure. Do I want some peace and quiet at times? Hell yes! Would I rather take a break with someone rather than alone? Most definitely. Yes, there are times when there’s so much to do that all you can think of is handing the baby to your hubby and locking yourself in the bathroom for a long soothing bath. Sometimes, there just isn’t enough time to take a break together and solitude is the only option if you want to salvage your sanity. But seeking solitude for…

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Bliss is ten perfect little toes on a perfectly sunny day.

baby feet
That is till the owner of those toes wakes up and decides to start crying up a storm