Solitude is Overrated

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Today’s Photography 101 prompt was ‘Solitude’ and since I only recently took this shot and wrote this post, I’m reblogging it in response to the prompt :)

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Solitude is overrated.

Don’t get me wrong, sometimes it’s nice to be alone, to get away from the noise, the stress, the constant stream of demands and complaints, but after about 36 minutes of ‘alone time’, you start feeling the nagging desire to go find someone to share that peace and quiet with.

Do I want to be alone from time to time? Sure. Do I want some peace and quiet at times? Hell yes! Would I rather take a break with someone rather than alone? Most definitely. Yes, there are times when there’s so much to do that all you can think of is handing the baby to your hubby and locking yourself in the bathroom for a long soothing bath. Sometimes, there just isn’t enough time to take a break together and solitude is the only option if you want to salvage your sanity. But seeking solitude for…

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Bliss is ten perfect little toes on a perfectly sunny day.

baby feet

That is till the owner of those toes wakes up and decides to start crying up a storm

The Streets are Burning

Very few people enjoy their morning commutes, not unless they live on an insanely beautiful tropical island where they get to see majestic landscapes and rare animals on a daily basis, and even than it probably gets boring after a while. When you live in a place like Pakistan though, lets just say there’s never a dull moment, not even on your morning commute.


In response to the Photography 101 prompt ‘street’. Although it may be cheating to use an old picture as opposed to taking a new one, I immediately thought of this when I read the prompt and though I don’t live in Pakistan anymore, it is still my home, even if the streets are periodically on fire. 


Home is your private space in a busy world. Unless you live in a big city of course, then home is only as private as the thickness of your shades allow.

new york

The Book Worm’s Reward (Photo Challenge)

Being a mom ain’t no walk in the park people, no matter how easy we may make it seem (or you may want to believe it is). Motherhood though, like anything worth doing, has its own rewards.


5 Ways Pakistani Weddings are Different from Western Weddings

Weddings are celebrated differently in different places, everyone knows that. But after growing up in Pakistan (and having a Pakistani wedding), every time I see a western wedding, I can’t help but be reminded afresh of just how different those two types of weddings are. For instance:

1) Not only can you wear the same color as the bride, you can wear your actual wedding dress to the event without eliciting any reaction. In fact, if you have been married less than 5 years or the wedding is that of a sibling or close cousin, you are expected to re-wear your wedding dress and people will ask you why you’re not wearing it if you don’t!

If you're thinking that dress looks heavy to walk in, you're right >.<

If you’re thinking that dress looks heavy to walk in, you’re right

2) Speaking of the wedding dress, you have not one but two proper wedding dresses and you don’t even pick the second one. Technically, with the wedding spanning anywhere from 3 (the minimum) to 6 or 7 events, you actually have several ‘bridal’ clothes, each different according to the traditional clothes of each event. The dresses for the last 2 events though are the ones that are full-on wedding dresses, the first you choose for yourself while the second is chosen and paid for by the groom’s family.

3) The actual ‘exchange of vows’ is not given too much time or importance, it often happens before the actual event (or is a separate event on its own) and is usually witnessed by a minimal number of people. Oh and the bride and groom are not even in the same room during this exchange of vows.


4) The weddings is stretched over several days instead of hours with elaborate rituals, clothes, colors, decor etc particular to each day.

The Mendhi event

The Mendhi event

5) The first morning after the wedding, breakfast is brought over by the brides family who than stay to help eat that breakfast. Which of course can get embarrassing if they arrive before you’ve woken up and you have to scramble to get all dolled up before joining them.

There are many many more differences of course, but these were the first 5 I thought of and 5 is always a good number for a list, don’t you think?


Interested in knowing more? Leave your questions in the comments!


Brilliance at 4am

They say we have our best ideas at night. They say that if you need to write a paper, a book, a blog post or just that stellar resume you’ve been meaning to put together you should probably keep a notebook or iPad next to your bed because halfway through the night is probably when you’re going to get the perfect idea and good luck trying to remember it in the morning.

Me, I always get my best blog post ideas at 3am when the baby won’t go back to sleep and I’m in a half zombified state. So yes, I tend to keep my phone handy in case I want to jot down any flashes of brilliance that may come to me before the sunrise chases them away.


Apparently my mind works on vampire logic..

Being in a half asleep state when I jot down these ‘flashes of brilliance’ of course means that in general, I don’t know what to expect when I go through the resulting disjointed words the next day.

Last night though? I don’t know what was going through my head because apparently, I jotted down a(surprisingly coherent) Phd thesis proposal.

Ok then.

So either that’s my minds way of telling me it’s time to apply for that Phd I’ve always dreamed of doing, or that I only get brilliant ideas at 4:24am when there’s a teething toddler banging her empty sippy cup on my head.

With my luck it’s probably the latter.



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Gimme My Toy Back!

The Rule of Thirds: apparently NOT a math equation but rather a photography term. Not being one to pass up a go at something new, and in the euphoria of discovering that something that I thought was mathematical was in fact not, I thought I'd take a shot at this weeks photography challenge.


However, in the semi house arrest state the cold has enforced upon us these days, there wasn't a lot of options when it came time to find something to photograph, except an abundance of Lilly's toys of course. Which led to the above portrait of a golden haired Lego-style toy.

What did Lilly think of her little toy's sudden rise to fame and subsequent photoshoot? Let's just say she was not amused.





The Mommy Wish List

Wish list

I love my munchkin and I love being a mom, I do, but there are days when I catch myself day dreaming of all the things I will do once Lilly is all grown up and no longer in the habit of getting my attention by biting my legs. If I were to make such a wish list, it wouldn't span pages and pages or involve impossible things. No, if I were to (hypothetically) make a wish list, it would be simple and it would be short. So here's my short and sweet hypothetical wish list:

1) Get the time to get a manicure every once in a while. It's a simple splurge but it goes a long way in making you feel human when you're sitting in your pjs at 3pm trying to scrub baby puke out of the carpet.

2) Manage to actually eat dinner like a civilized human being instead of trying to inhale it in between attempts to get the toddler to eat her food instead of just flinging it around like confetti. I swear that kid seems to get more food on the floor, table and herself than I even put on her plate!

3) Sleep through the night.

4) Get up in the morning because I had a good nights sleep, not because the toddler is banging her empty milk bottle against my head in an attempt to either rouse me or give me concussion.

5) Watch something other than Sesame Street or Super Why on TV. Maybe that way I'll have something other than the alphabet song stuck in my head for 5 days in a row.

6) Have a vacation that actually feels like a vacation instead of like an accelerated boot camp for the harassed parent.

7) Did I mention sleep through the night?






It’s Over Book! (Or Not)

I'll just leave this here then…


Image courtesy of: The Awkward Yeti