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Motherhood:Making Me Do Stupid Things on a Daily Basis

Parenthood is one of those ‘you can’t imagine it till you do it’ kind of deals. It can make you do funny things, things the pre-motherhood-you could have sworn you would never do.

All those things you made fun of/self-righteously objected to when other parents did it before you had your own little bundle of joy? Yup, you’ll be doing all of them and more before your baby is old enough to wear big girl pants.

So yes, if it’s one thing motherhood has taught me, it’s that never say never.


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How to Tame Your Hair in 4 Simple Steps

Got unruly hair? Can’t seem to tame those tresses? Tired of looking like Simba’s frizzy cousin? Never fear, your friendly neighbourhood Jellyfish is here! What with having bad hair days for most of my adult life, I feel like I know a thing or two about dealing with untameable tresses.

So without further ado, here’s my fool proof guide to taming your hair in four easy steps:

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Baked Chicken Taco Pasta, because I Can!

Life sure has a way of sneaking up on you: One moment you’re in your college¬†dorm eating instant noodles for dinner and priding yourself on ‘cooking’ instead of ordering take-out and the next you’re cooking actual food for your husband and daughter and managing not to burn the house down in the process.

What can I say, apparently marriage and motherhood can turn the most accident prone, not-to-be-trusted-in-the-kitchen girl into a fairly good housewife and passable cook.

So in honour of transitioning from pouring-milk-on-cereal-totally-counts-as-cooking to hey-I’m-actually-enjoying-making-this-pasta-from-scratch, I’ve decided to start sharing a few recipes now and then because seriously people, if I can pull off these recipes, ANYONE can.

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Eid is Here!

Ramadan is finally over and that can only mean one thing: Eid is here! Eid Mubarak and happy Eid everyone! Time to spend all day eating, drinking and relaxing to celebrate making it through the grueling month of fasting that was Ramadan.

And henna, let's not forget the henna!



Now it’s Personal

Being a girl in today’s world is a confusing thing: be girly, don’t be ‘too’ girly, don’t become fat but don’t let those photoshopped size zero models on tv body shame you! Have a career, no have babies and stay home with them. Wear makeup, but don’t wear too much makeup. Find a man, you don’t need a man! Stay at home, go to work, do both but be perfect at each.



Apparently we, as females, need to be taught how exactly to be female so as to offend/anger/disgust the least number of people.

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What’s a bridal shower without pictures of the engagement ring?


In response to the Weekly Photography Challenge

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